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Second opinion in gastric and gynecological cancer

Give yourself the chance to choose the best path to the future

When you're dealing with a disease like cancer, it's important to feel confident that all the necessary tests have been done, that the diagnosis is accurate, that you understand the prognosis, and that you've received all the information you need to make the best decision for treatment.


Treat the patient, not the disease, because we are all different and evolve differently

Molecular genetic tests

If you could imagine your breast cancer 10 years from now, would you make your choices today differently?

Cancer immunotherapy

The key to success in treating cancer


We help you to be beautiful, confident and feminine

Quick and painless urinary incontinence treatment

- PRP Vampire Therapy

- Laser therapy

Vaginal rejuvenation treatment:

- PRP Vampire Therapy

- Laser therapy

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    Our medical team, through professionalism, involvement and the attention given to each patient, contributes to the achievement of medical performances that are guarantees that we strive for excellence.

    Ecaterina BOTEA


    At the EVA Medical clinic, I encountered professionalism, respect for the patient, a friendly atmosphere and state-of-the-art equipment. I will come back here as often as I need to. Thanks!